Kitchen Master 2016 Finalists!

We are pleased to announce the FINALISTS of The Yellow Chilli Oman’s KITCHEN MASTER 2016 and would like to congratulate all who participated in this weekend’s selection process. Very well done!

With so much culinary talent on show, choosing the finalists was a difficult task and all should be commended for their exceptional efforts.

Please see the confirmed finalists below (alphabetical order by surname):

Ms Uttara Chakraborty
Ms Sidrah Kola
Ms Pratibha Lara
Ms Sidra Mariyam
Ms Nupur P. Mathur
Ms Leena Shah
Ms Shruti Sunny Sanghavi
Ms Oneza Tabish
Ms Gulnar Akbar Ustad
Ms Rupali Vaidya


AVOCADO! The Key Ingredient At The Grand Finale

The Yellow Chilli Oman's KITCHEN MASTER 2016 Grand Finale will challenge the remaining 10 participants on their culinary talents using the Avocado as the basis for their creations.

Technically a fruit, this very versatile ingredient will form the basis of the finalist's concluding dishes which will be judged by MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor himself.

Join us at Panorama Mall for the GRAND FINALE on 24th August at 3pm.